Swing the stick. Eat Feast.

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I will be home in time for battlemoor. If you’re going to be there, let me know! :D

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Anonymous asked: What about Sir Nissan Maxima do you know who he is?

Yeah. I know who he is… What about him lol.

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Anonymous asked: Just saw ur videos from haldtre! Love watching you fight florentine. Who is the top 2 florentine fighters??

Thanks… That’s kinda vague, you mean in the kingdom? SCA?

From those who I have seen and know of Sven Randullson and Ragnar (Jlee) are among the greats of two stick. Most others that I have seen don’t even hold a candle.

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Il be leaving a while for work, but my lady said I can grow an epic beard through the winter since I have to have one for work anyway. :P