Swing the stick. Eat Feast.

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Cats are dickbags.

First just let me say that I love these furry little bastards, I like them more than I like almost all people. Also let me say that I’m not trying to sound pretentious about my job, because no task is below my pay grade. That said, personal security specialists with rotary wing cbt ratings cost about 550k to train up. Sometimes we get called to do odd things, like get a call at 0100 in the morning to go rescue a cat stuck under a car that has been crying for 3 days, we happily oblige. (Because local pd and animal control are also assholes). We find the car, and can hear this cat crying, and after laying on the ground for two hours trying find exactly in the car it is all while this cat is crying like its dying and I start tearing up by the second. We finally get the contact info for the owner of the car, we get him out of bed, go meet him. It’s 0300 now. We have the owner open up the car, lift the spare tire and at the edge of my perception I hear a familiar little meow from across the parking lot, I look over and see this little troll faced kitten watching and meowing the same little cry… Fml

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Anonymous asked: Well that's not very civil...

It is for those that still oppress an entire gender by alluding to the problems facing them as balderdash.

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If you summon up the issues facing women as “piddly catty arguments”, you’re a douchebag, and should be culled from civilization with an axe.

This is why I am a feminist.

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One of my favorite fights in the last 6 months, against my kryptonite. That is Matsu, a Huscarl from Calontir. One my favorite fighters in the SCA.

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Anonymous asked: You and nuxx are kinda like the prince and princess of tumblr kingdom.


:3 Oh gracious that’s adorable. He’s one of the most important people in my life.