Swing the stick. Eat Feast.

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Anonymous asked: can u post a pic of the chain?

Sure.. You know you can message me off anon, and we can chat right?

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Anonymous asked: That's awesome does a man at arms wear a belt or anything?

No. If something is worn as a token of service, it’s usually like a favor or insignia. Some don’t wear anything. Just what ever you agree on. My knight gave me a segment of his chain, a symbol of fealty to him.

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Anonymous asked: How did you become a squire? Did you approach a knight or did anyone approach you.

Well, after I had found what I loved and wanted to do in the SCA, it went kinda naturally. I did get approached by a lot knights, and I spoke with a lot of knights about what they look for and expect from a potential squire. Along that time I had became friends with a knight and the house he belongs to. It was a natural mesh over time. He knew of my interest in becoming a squire and after discussing it he made me his man at arms. Since our house is by lineage only, we agreed on a maa relationship so we could learn how we clicked and that the household could get to know me. When a knight in our house takes a squire, it’s kind of a collective decision of the house. After our year and a day, we all talked about our relationship, and him and his lady decided to take me as their squire. It’s not a decision they or I took lightly, however it felt pretty natural, where I needed to be.

If you’re thinking about becoming a squire, talk to every knight you can, figure out how you mesh with them and their families. It’s an important relationship.

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Camping this weekend was awesome. It was hot and the water was cool yesterday. This morning I woke up to a rainstorm. Cat napped until about 1130 in the rain, and cooked breakfast in the tent.

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